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Biodynamic 'Grand Cru Classé' wine created for WWF

Caelestis biodynamic wine label 2015 Caelestis - Château Fonroque back label 2015


Peter Doig, the renowned contemporary artist creates this marvellous unique Cælestis wine label in relation to biodynamic wine with his own inspirational idea in mind.

Caelestis signature by Peter Doig 2015 black

"“Like an artist who goes beyond his limits to find the breeding ground of his art, the vine draws upon the energy of the stars and from the depths of the earth the sense of the place." Alain Moueix



Caelestis label 2013 Caelestis - Château Fonroque back label 2013

"Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise" by the famous Hollywood actress Frances Fisher

"“As an artist, this beautiful picture illustrates the intensity of life forces, of expression and harmony magnified by biodynamics" Alain Moueix



Caelestis label 2012 Caelestis - Château Fonroque back label 2012

"Pure wine brings great inspiration to my music" by the Oscar-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek

“"Thanks to the vine stock which is the true artist who captures music of the Stars and the vitality of the soil, I work towards achieving an authentic and harmonious wine" Alain Moueix

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